EU army plans set to move forward as Russia invasion causes 'tectonic shift in European history'

Leaders of the 27-nation bloc are set to meet at a summit in Versailles, France, today to discuss further sanctions


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reportedly accelerated the European Union leaders’ efforts to create an EU army.

Leaders of the 27-nation bloc are set to meet today at a summit in Versailles, France, to discuss further sanctions and ways they can reduce reliance on Russia for energy.

Ukraine's bid to become a member will also be discussed.

A draft declaration of the meeting states that they “must resolutely invest more and better in defence capabilities and innovative technologies"

"Russia's war of aggression constitutes a tectonic shift in European history.

"What the war in Ukraine has done is to allow us to go further in European defence."

The bloc will offer to strengthen their bonds with Ukraine and deepen its partnership as the European Commission assesses if Kyiv is ready to become a candidate for full EU membership, the draft of the EU declaration showed.

The draft reads: “"Following the December 2016 decision by the EU Heads of State or Government, the European Council acknowledged the European aspirations and the European choice of Ukraine, as stated in the Association Agreement,"

"On 28 February 2022, the President of Ukraine submitted the application of Ukraine to become a member of the European Union.

“The Council has invited the Commission to submit its opinion on this application.

“Pending this and without delay, we will further strengthen our bonds and deepen our partnership.”