Esther McVey tells GB News how she is backing Jeremy Hunt for PM - and will become his deputy if he wins

The GB News presenter outlined the five terms Mr Hunt agreed to, to receive her backing

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GB News presenter Esther McVey has revealed how she is backing Jeremy Hunt to become the next Prime Minister.

The Conservative MP for Tatton added she will become his deputy should he win the leadership race.

Mr Hunt officially announced he was standing to be the next leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister.

He has billed himself as the "only candidate outside of Boris Johnson's government" when announcing his candidacy and "the most experience hand".

Esther McVey on GB News
Esther McVey on GB News
Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt

To appeal to northern voters, Mr Hunt said, he has selected Esther as his potential deputy, comparing her to John Prescott.

Esther added that she expected many people to be shocked by the news, adding that Jeremy Hunt had agreed to cut taxes, sort out the Northern Ireland Protocol, deliver levelling up in the North, lower immigration and not to enforce blanket lockdowns.

She said on the Political Correction: "Boris Johnson reached out for me for the blue collar Conservative agenda and delivered on it, I believe Jeremy will too.

"If Boris Johnson had followed those five key principles I don't believe we would be in the situation we are now."

Penny Mordaunt became the ninth Conservative to put themselves forward to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, just days after a collapse in party support forced his resignation.

Appearing to take a swipe at the former leader, Ms Mordaunt said the Conservatives need to become a "little less about the leader and a lot more about the ship".