Edwina Currie says my 'old mate' John Major 'is turning into a bit of a prat'

Former Prime Minister John Major urged the 1922 Committee to remove Boris Johnson as quickly as possible


Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie has slammed Sir John Major for his damning comments regarding Boris Johnson's resignation.

Sir John urged the Conservative party's 1922 Committee to remove the Prime Minister from power imminently without allowing him to serve temporarily after his resignation.

The former Conservative Prime Minister, who served the country from 1990 to 1997, released a letter addressing the Prime Minister's resignation saying it was "unwise, and my be unsuitable" for Johnson to stay in office for up to three months.

Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie spoke to Dan Wootton last night
Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie spoke to Dan Wootton last night
Former Prime Minister Sir John Major
Former Prime Minister Sir John Major

He continued stating how current deputy Prime Minister, Dominic Raab, should take over if Mr Johnson decides to step down, despite having no constitutional power.

In his letter to the 1922 Committee Chair, Sir Graham Brady, he said: “In such a circumstance, the prime minister maintains the power of patronage and, of even greater concern, the power to make decisions which will affect the lives of those within all four nations of the United Kingdom and further afield.

“Some will argue that his new cabinet will restrain him. I merely note that his previous cabinet did not – or could not – do so."

Acknowledging that either options were not "ideal" he added how the changes were necessary.

He added: “The interests of the country must be given priority over all else and, with so many long-term and critical issues before us, an imaginative response – even at the risk of some bruised feelings within the party – is most definitely in the national interest.”

Edwina Currie expressed her outrage at his letter on GB News, saying: "My old mate Major is turning into a prat really, what a daft thing to say, what an undemocratic thing to say".

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major and his Conservative colleague Edwina Currie, endured a four-year love affair when they were serving as ministers.

Their affair began in 1984 when Sir John was a government whip and Ms Currie a backbencher, ending in 1988 when Currie feared it would negatively impact their political careers if discovered.

The former Conservative MP questioned the integrity of his statement on Dan Wootton, saying: "Who does he think works for all the members of parliament who get elected and all the councillors who get elected?"

Ms Currie shared her particular disdain at the call for an immediate removal of the Prime Minister from John Major, deeming the move as "undemocratic".

She added: "You know Sir John, knight of the garter has clearly forgotten what democracy is all about, of course we are going to have a vote and we will have our say in due course, the quicker the better, in my view Dan".

The Prime Minister resigned yesterday morning, following mounting pressure on him to step down due to his handling of the allegation against Chris Pincher.

In his statement announcing his resignation yesterday, Mr Johnson stated how he was “immensely proud of the achievements of this Government”, from getting Brexit in order, to navigating the UK through the pandemic, and leading the West in standing up to Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.