Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson ‘thinks he can make a comeback’ and predicts second Tory leadership race before 2024

Dominic Cummings described Liz Truss as the "human hand grenade" in a series of tweets


Dominic Cummings has said Boris Johnson “thinks he can make a comeback” while also predicting a second Conservative Party leadership race before 2024.

Mr Johnson resigned as Tory leader earlier this month following mounting pressure from politicians amid the Chris Pincher row.

His resignation sparked a Tory leadership race, with two candidates now remaining – Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

While Mr Johnson has said he is not backing any candidate, his former advisor Mr Cummings believes the outgoing PM is supporting Ms Truss.

Dominic Cummings
Dominic Cummings

During a series of tweets, Mr Cummings referred to Mr Johnson as a shopping trolley emoji and Ms truss as a bomb emoji.

He said: “Why is (Mr Johnson) supporting the human hand grenade (Ms Truss)?

“Cos (Mr Johnson) knows she's mad and thinks she'll blow & he can make a comeback.

“Why did I give her this nickname? Cos she blows up all she touches.”

Mr Cummings said Boris Johnson "thinks he can make a comeback"
Mr Cummings said Boris Johnson "thinks he can make a comeback"

While Mr Cummings also believes that there is a chance that a second Tory leadership could happen before the next General Election, calling on bookmaker Betfair to open a market on such an eventuality.

He added: “Betfair needs to open a market on another Tory leadership race before GE2024. (Ms Truss) would blow bigly.”

In the final round of voting by Tory MPs earlier today, Penny Mordaunt dropped out after recieving 105 votes, while Mr Sunak picked up 137 votes and Ms Truss 113.

But despite Mr Sunak picking up the most votes within Tory MPs, Ms Truss is the favourite with the bookies to become the next party leader.

The Foreign Secretary is odds-on at 4/6 to become the next PM, according to the Betfair Exchange.

While Mr Sunak is currently the 6/4 underdog to replace Mr Johnson.