Dog ‘started fire’ on Christmas Eve after accidentally turning hairdryer on

Both the dog and the homeowner were treated for smoke inhalation.


A dog is believed to have caused a fire in a house on Christmas Eve after accidentally turning a hairdryer on.

Essex Fire Service said crews were called to Hockley on Saturday evening following reports of a smoke-filled house.

Firefighters reported a smouldering blaze in a bedroom and quickly worked to extinguish it, believing it was caused by a dog who jumped on a bed and turned a hairdryer on, causing it to set the bedding alight.

The service has urged people to unplug electrical appliances when they are not being used.

Watch Manager Gary Shinn said: “The homeowner was out and came back to find her house full of smoke.

“We believe the fire started because a hairdryer was left plugged in and on a bed.

“We think the dog may have then jumped on the bed a turned the hairdryer on, eventually causing it to catch alight to the bedding and mattress.

“Once you’ve finished with any electrical appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners please take a moment to unplug them.

“The homeowner wouldn’t have thought for one moment her dog would turn on the hairdryer, but unplugging something just gives you that peace of mind.”

The dog was waiting by the front door when the homeowner returned, and both were treated for smoke inhalation.