DIY store Wickes cause social media storm over trans rights and conversion therapy slogans at Brighton Pride

The LGB Alliance accused the brand of not understanding the significance of their message


DIY store, Wickes, has been blasted over an eyebrow-raising float at Brighton Pride promoting transgender rights.

The building supplies shop took part in the parade through the seaside town with a float emblazoned with a poster that read 'no LGB without the T'.

The Wickes float also had 'we stand with our trans siblings now and forever' written on the pink and white trans flag poster.

Another poster on the float read: Ban Conversion Therapy For All, taking aim at the Government’s Conversion Therapy Bill, which outlaws treatments intended to change someone’s sexuality.

Wickes staff on the Brighton Pride float
Wickes staff on the Brighton Pride float

However the ban does not include people that identify as transgender. The Government justifying the move due to the “complexity of issues and need for further careful thought”.

The ‘no LGB without the T’ poster caused a social media storm.

The LGB Alliance tweeted: “We must assume that Wickes have not understood the significance of this slogan. They cannot seriously believe that lesbians, gay men and bisexuals may not organise in our own interests without the permission of trans people.”

Another tweeted “Hey @Wickes, next Pride will it be: "Black Lives Don't Matter Until Trans Lives Matter"? "No Blacks without the T"?

However others supported the move, saying the company had earned their respect due to the forcefulness of their message.

One user wrote: "I will say, if corporates are going to be at pride, it's good to see actual bold messaging rather than "love is nice""

Dr Robert Bohan said: "Amazing to see hardware chain Wickes actually getting the central message of the UK/Ireland LGBT+ community for 2022 Pride.

"This is actually supportive advertising rather than exploitative of the community, as you can see from the LGBT+ community replies. #NoLGBWithoutThe