Diane Abbott claims Boris Johnson ‘rumoured to like assaulting women’

Ms Abbott said the allegations made against Mr Pincher may have been 'treated differently' if it was a man allegedly sexually assaulting a woman

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Diane Abbott has claimed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “rumoured to like assaulting women”.

The Former Shadow Home Secretary made the claims when discussing allegations made against Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher.

Mr Pincher has been accused of drunkenly groping two men in a private members’ club in London.

Asked if a man sexually assaulting a woman would have been treated differently, Ms Abbott said: “It might have been treated differently”.

Drag row

Before the Labour MP added: “But that's because Boris Johnson has been rumoured to be the one who likes assaulting women.

“So it's sheer hypocrisy from him,” she told BBC Radio 4.

BBC host Paddy O'Connell then intervened saying: "That's not been printed this morning, it's not being said by the BBC.

Diane Abbott
Diane Abbott
Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

"Diane, you've got to answer my questions rather than raising new claims."

Ms Abbott has been slammed for her claims on social media, with one person saying: "This abuse of the Prime Minister has to end.

"For goodness sake, this woman could have been Home Secretary if Starmer and co has succeeded on the two occasions they tried to make Corbyn PM."

While another person added: "Surely this comment from is liable ? She should be sanctioned and apologise for this comment."

Her claims come as Tory rebels are reportedly plotting another vote to oust Mr Johnson in the latest blow for the Prime Minister.

The PM survived a confidence vote held by Conservative MPs last month by 211 votes to 148.

But pressure continues to be piled on the PM after the allegations made against Mr Pincher, which come just days after the Tories lost two crunch-by elections in Tiverton and Honiton and Wakefield.

Current party rules dictate that another confidence vote cannot be held for a year after last month’s confidence vote.

But amid renewed questions over his judgment, Rebel MPs are planning to push for a compromise proposal during the upcoming elections for the 1922 Committee’s executive vote, according to the Telegraph.

No 10 and Ms Abbott have both been contacted for comment.