Deborah James says campaigning ‘keeping me going’ as she outlives life expectancy diagnosis

The 40-year-old is receiving end-of-life care at home for bowel cancer


Dame Deborah James has said campaigning and raising funds is "keeping her going" as she receives end-of-life care at home for bowel cancer.

Better known as the Bowel Babe, Ms James also hosted the podcast "You, Me and the Big C".

The 40-year-old admitted she was "surprised" to have outlived her life expectancy diagnosis, adding "I am doing okay, I'm stable".

The campaigner launched a number of initiatives in recent weeks, including a clothing line and a new book to help raise funds for cancer charity Cancer Research UK.

Dame Deborah James said her campaigning was "keeping her going"
Dame Deborah James said her campaigning was "keeping her going"

Appearing in a pre-recorded message on Lorraine this morning, to thank the team partaking in the charity run Race For Life on her behalf, she added: "I think stable is a good thing. I’m taking life slowly.

“Not on social media too much and just spending time in the garden with my family. A much slower pace of life, which is not what I’m used to.

“Physically, I’m quite tired, but mentally, I’m still a campaigner.

“I’m still asking people to check their poo. I’m still on it about getting that messaging on loo roll across the country. The No Butts campaign, absolutely. We want it spread far and wide.”

Since beginning her campaign she has raised over £6.6million for Cancer Research UK, Bowel Cancer UK and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity through her Bowelbabe fund on JustGiving.

The Duke of Cambridge visited Dame Deborah at her home, awarding her a Damehood for her campaigning
The Duke of Cambridge visited Dame Deborah at her home, awarding her a Damehood for her campaigning

The podcaster added: "I’m taking life day-by-day, and I think just continuing to feel blessed to have another day knowing that my time is limited, but at the same time, if truth be told, I’ve already outlived yet again what I was told when I was sent home from the hospital, so I think already even I’m a bit surprised, but I think it’s having that sense of purpose.

“Getting involved. Continuing with the campaigning is keeping me going.

“But obviously the Bowel Babe fund I’m so proud of and it’s a legacy that I am so proud to leave behind when I am no longer here.

“But for the moment I’m here, I’m alive, kicking as much as I possibly can, and sending my love and thank-you for all your kind messages.”

Dame Deborah announced she had written another book, titled "How To Live When You Could Be Dead" documenting what she has learned about maintaining a positive mindset when faced with life's biggest challenges.

The book shot to number one on Amazon list through pre-orders ahead of its release in August, later this year.

The royalties from her book will go towards her Bowelbabe Fund.

In The Style released a clothing line with the Podcaster, stating how 100 percent of the profits will go towards the cancer charity.

Prince William recently paid a visit to her home, awarding her with a damehood for her "tireless campaigning" efforts.