David Miliband plotting to become PM: Former foreign secretary admits he's 'considering' return to UK politics

David Miliband walked away from politics in 2013 after failing to become Labour leader


David Miliband has suggested he could be tempted to politics after being impressed by Keir Starmer’s leadership.

It’s been almost a decade since the former foreign secretary resigned as an MP, after which he moved to New York to become president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee.

In a recent interview, Mr Mliband, who famously lost his head-to-head Labour leadership battle with brother Ed, suggested he may not be done with politics.

Speaking with Andrew Marr on LBC, he said it has “not been decided” whether he will stand in the next general election.

"I’m not even going to go there because I’ve got to do justice to the people who are working for the International Rescue Committee.”

He added: "The Labour Party has, thank God, put itself into a position where it’s got good people leading it.

“It’s developing its plans for government. That’s something that I think is really essential for the country that I really care about."

Speaking about the development, Deputy Political Editor of the Daily Mirror Ben Glaze told Tom Harwood Mr Miliband has “shown a bit of ankle.”

Talking on The Briefing on GB News, Mr Glaze said: ”He never says never.

“He doesn’t show any real signs of coming back, but never quite ruling it out."

He suggested Keir Starmer’s Labour Party would be “certainly more welcoming” than previous formations: “Whether or not there’d be enough space to fill quite a big ego I’m not sure.”

David and brother Ed Miliband in 2010
David and brother Ed Miliband in 2010

When questioned further about a return, David Miliband said “you get yourself into trouble” when you start to think about your next job.