Danniella Westbrook opens up on drug addiction in emotional Nigel Farage interview: 'I would've ended up dead'

The former EastEnders star, who played Sam Mitchell on the popular soap between 1990 and 2016, had a well-publicised battle with cocaine addiction


Danniella Westbrook has admitted she would have “ended up dead” when opening up on her addiction with drugs during an emotional interview with Nigel Farage on GB News.

The former EastEnders star, speaking in an exclusive interview on GB News’ Talking Pints, explained how the media’s exposure of her issues ended up saving her life.

When asked whether her drug habits started when she became famous, she said: "They were there, but they weren’t as heightened.

"I didn’t have as much money as I did when I was working on a big show.

Former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook
Former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook
Ms Westbrook in conversation with Nigel Farage
Ms Westbrook in conversation with Nigel Farage

“I already had issues, a lot of preconceived issues as well but really the media saved me if anything more than once.

“By putting me all over the papers, by exposing me in a sense because I had to do something with my life, otherwise I would’ve ended up dead.

“For everyone down there’s an up as they say. For me, just being exposed by everything, you’ve got to look at the positives of it."

The former Brexit Party leader then asked: “What in the end turns it around?”

Ms Westbrook replied: “Only I can turn this around.

“My children couldn’t comprehend it, I nearly killed my mum the stress It put her under, worrying that she was going to get a call that I’ll be dead somewhere.

“She didn’t speak to me for three years; I just went off crazy.”

Nigel then asked Ms Westbrook how she managed to turn it around, she said: “Somebody put me in a meeting and I got where I needed it to be, I think I was just done, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

“For me that’s where you need to be, you can’t do it for your kids or your job otherwise you’re faking it to make it and it’s just going to come back to you.

“You’re either in or you’re out, it’s just the way it is.”