Dan Wootton's winners and losers from Boris Johnson's cabinet reshuffle

'The PM’s team insists this was his work alone and not influenced by his very influential wife Carrie.'

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A confident Boris Johnson wielded the axe today, with a far more significant Cabinet reshuffle than any commentator predicted.

Oh, and by the way, the PM’s team insists this was his work alone and not influenced by his very influential wife Carrie.

The big losers…

His loyal former campaign boss Gavin Williamson, axed after being widely regarded as one of the worst Education Secretaries ever.

Dominic Raab, stripped of his Foreign Secretary gig after botching the handling of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. But he becomes Deputy Prime Minister. Robert Jenrick, dumped as Housing Secretary despite being heavily tipped as a rising Conservative star.

The even bigger winners…

The excellent Liz Truss, promoted to Foreign Secretary after doing a superb job in the International Trade department. Nadhim Zahawi, a good operator who will replace Williamson as Education Secretary after overseeing a successful vaccine rollout. BOliver Dowden, who moves from the Culture beat to become Tory Chairman ahead of a potential 2023 election.

Rishi Sunak and Priti Patel who remain as Chancellor and Home Secretary, despite Press speculation about their future.

There’s lots of intrigue, too.

Michael Gove is essentially demoted to the middle ranking Housing brief.

Why? Is Boris still smarting because of their epic historic battle?

Or is there something else going on?

Political reporter Adam Boulton said of the move: "Perhaps, frankly, moving him out of the centre of government makes him more expendable if issues surrounding his personal life were to get out of hand."

Whatever does he mean...

I also welcome Dowden’s replacement as Culture Secretary

Nadine Dorries should be the right woman to stop the woke takeover and keep organisations like the BBC in check.

As she tweeted in 2017…

“Left wing snowflakes are killing comedy, tearing down historic statues, removing books from universities, dumbing down panto, removing Christ from Christmas and suppressing free speech. Sadly, it must be true, history does repeat itself. It will be music next.”

Reshuffles are historically risky. But Boris Johnson is at the peak of his powers – and the moves today will only increase his grip on power.

I hope he uses it wisely.