Dan Wootton: The BBC want to blame HGV driver shortage on Brexit - that's not backed up by facts

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The HGV driver shortage has affected countries throughout the world.

Did you know that?

Probably not if you’ve been watching the BBC or any other left-wing broadcaster these past few days desperate to pin this whole mess unfairly on Brexit.

That’s simply not backed up by the facts on the ground.

The International Road Transport Union reports 400,000 drivers are needed across Europe, including 40,000 in Germany alone, 43,000 in France and 15,000 in Italy.

In the US there’s a requirement for 63,000 extra drivers, while China needs four million more.

As ex-Tory leader Ian Duncan Smith – who once trained as an HGV driver, by the way, told the Mail on Sunday…

“The BBC insists on making this about Brexit and pretending that this is a problem confined to the UK. This is a Covid issue affecting not just the whole of Europe but the world.

"I don’t understand why they are doing this but it is deeply misleading and the kind of reporting that leads to panic buying, as we have seen.”

And that’s the real issue here: There is no shortage of fuel and if there hadn’t been the media hysteria from the usual suspects it’s unlikely we would have seen the panic buying that has caused chaos and carnage at the tanks the past two days.

It, of course, became a depressing self-fulfilling prophecy that nasty Remoaners are sniggering about because they will, quite simply, NEVER move on from the fact they lost.


Never one to miss an opportunity, some education unions have failed to dampen down suggestions that schools could be forced to return to home learning if teachers are unable to drive to school.

That’s ridiculous.

We all need to take a deep breath and not make a bad situation even worse.

Labour Party Conference

Labour is the new nasty party of British politics.

And, as they continue to be rejected by voters, they’re just getting nastier.

Angela Rayner is the epitome of their descent towards toxicity.

A Deputy Leader with such a potty mouth it’s impossible to see her wanting to represent anyone other than a card carrying Corbynista.

We saw it again this weekend with her, yet again, describing Tories as scum.

Perhaps it was one of Rayner’s own colleagues in the Labour Shadow Cabinet who summed it up best:

“She’s an imbecile and until she realises that the party will never be credible.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Rayner has an impressive back story but she lets herself and her party down by reaching for vile insults to appease her craven and nasty base.

Meanwhile, Keir Starmer says it’s wrong to state the scientific fact that only women have a cervix.

Starmer’s Corbynista Shadow Employment Secretary Andy McDonald has resigned from his Shadow Cabinet as the civil war within the party gets more bitter.

And Britain remans a country with no functioning political opposition.

Whichever party you support that is not a good thing.

Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan’s bizarre tour of New York was unedifying – part Kardashian/part minor royal no one cares about – and makes it obvious their new ‘public role’ just isn’t going to have the impact they desire.

With likely Netflix cameras and private jets part of the weird spectacle, it’s clear the Duke and Duchess of Woke truly believe they can have their royal cake and eat it too.

But here’s the reality: Only the highly gullible have signed up to their faux royal shtick.

The vast majority of folk – including former Sussex supporters and members of the usually tame US media – were sniggering at the sheer pomposity and irony of the whole thing.

And in a case of diminishing returns, the world gives even less of a damn about their latest preachy comments every time they open their mouths.

What about their privileged private position gives Harry and Meghan any right to talk about the distribution of vaccines internationally, for example?

The whole thing is just so damn odd.

Why did they leave the Royal Family if they want to conduct royal tours?