Dan Wootton slams guest over 'rewriting Covid history' claims - 'It's a fact'

The GB News presenter and I reporter clashed on Dan Wootton Tonight

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On Dan Wootton Tonight, senior reporter for The I Benjamin Butterworth clashed with Dan Wootton over the Labour Party's response to the Covid pandemic.

Dan asked Mr Butterworth whether he agreed with the statement that: "Labour wanted longer and harder lockdowns at every single point in the pandemic."

Mr Butterworth disagreed with the statement and accused Dan of "trying to rewrite history as if the pandemic never happened".

He went on to say: "The truth is that you are suffering pandemic obsessive syndrome.

"You look at the situation we are in now, where things are much safer, people are healthier because they've got the vaccine.

"You try to rewrite the last two years as if Covid was never as dangerous as it was."

He then claimed: "The overwhelming majority of the British people... supported lockdowns because they knew it would keep their families safe."

Dan then asked Mr Butterworth what he "would you say to the relative of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes".

The I journalist asked to be reminded of the details of the case.

The six-year-old was murdered by his step-mum Emma Tustin, 32, while the nation was locked down.

Dan went on to say little Arthur was killed by a "revolting animal of a parent, in part because he wasn't at school" during lockdown.

Mr Butterworth disputed Dan's claim, to which the GB News host responded: "Look into the case, you clearly don't know anything about the case! It's a fact."

Mr Butterworth replied: "No one kills because of lockdowns."

Dan retorted: "No one kills because of lockdowns, but what it means is that all of the support systems that are meant to be there to protect someone like Arthur Labinjo-Hughes went.

"Nobody was able to visit that poor soul.

"He was let down by social services."