Dan Wootton erupts in fiery clash with Benjamin Butterworth over 'visceral hatred of Boris Johnson'

GB News' Dan accused Mr Butterworth of holding a "visceral hatred of Boris Johnson because of Brexit"

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Dan Wootton erupted in a fiery clash with Benjamin Butterworth over whether to trust Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Calls for Mr Johnson to resign continue after he was fined for his role in the Partygate scandal.

And speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Butterworth said: “The only thing I admire Boris Johnson for is that he managed to see a cake and not eat it, that’s something I’ve never managed.

“But ultimately it’s not about the birthday, as you sort of like to trivialise it with, it’s about the fact that people were going through the most incredible trauma to do the right to keep each other safe.”

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton
Benjamin Butterworth
Benjamin Butterworth

He continued: “I’m sorry it’s being in a parallel universe because both the polling and the reporting shows that most people are still angry with this, including most Conservatives because most people followed those rules.”

Dan then stepped in and asked Mr Butterworth: “Benjamin, surely you can admit the point, there are a lot of this media backlash is because these folk have a visceral hatred of Boris Johnson because of Brexit and will not rest until he’s out and I put you in that category too actually, I do.”

Mr Butterworth hit back: “I think that’s pathetic, because I think those journalists are holding the Prime Minister to the truth – something he has a serious allergy to and has throughout his whole career, where he’s been sacked for lying time and time again.

“Trying to get the honest answer out of the Prime Minister is important because it’s clear he misled Parliament.”

Dan probed Mr Butterworth by asking: “So if you sat down with Boris Johnson now and got eight minutes with him, would you genuinely tell me as an upstanding journalist, you should spend seven and a half minutes on Partygate and not ask him about Ukraine and not ask him about the cost of living crisis and not ask him about the lack of HRT medications and pharmacies, and the fact there is a supply chain crisis, are you honestly telling me that Benjamin."

Mr Butterworth replied: “Well the truth is, is there any point in asking Boris Johnson for the truth, you know when he’s lying because his lips move.”