Dan Wootton erupts at guest in beergate row: 'This is a Labour Party cover-up'

Narinder Kaur attempted to back Sir Keir Starmer, but Dan was quick to challenge her claims

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Dan Wootton has erupted at a guest who attempted to defend Sir Keir Starmer in the ongoing beergate row.

Sir Keir was pictured drinking beer inside a building during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Speaking about the incident on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, broadcaster Narinder Kaur opted to back the Labour Leader.

Ms Kaur said: “Keir Starmer has been cleared, I think you are desperately clutching at straws here, there’s nothing in it, let’s move on. He has been cleared.”

Broadcaster Narinder Kaur (right) speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight
Broadcaster Narinder Kaur (right) speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight

Dan was quick to hit back at her comments, saying: “It doesn’t matter if he’s been cleared, he broke the rules.”

Before Ms Kaur replied: “I don’t think he broke the rules, he was working and he was cleared, he was allowed to eat some food.”

Dan responded: “The rules at the time said you could not socialise indoors even with work colleagues, and he is downing beer, he’s scoffing takeaways.

“He wants the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to resign from his job because he’s in a room where Boris Johnson was being presented with a cake.”

Conservative commentator, Calvin Robinson detailed some of alleged event: “First of all it was after 10pm, there were beers, there was curry, 30 people indoors, this doesn’t sound like a working environment.

Dan Wootton clashed with Ms Kaur
Dan Wootton clashed with Ms Kaur

“Then they doubled down on the lies, first Angela Rayner wasn’t there, nobody could remember if she was there or not, then she was there.”

Dan erupted, saying: “This is a cover-up Narinder, this is a Labour Party cover-up.”

Before Ms Kaur said: “Don’t we have better things to argue about?”

Dan quickly responded: “Yes we have better things to talk about, but Narinder I’ve been saying since December that we have better things to talk about.

“It was Labour who spoke about this for months on end and all of a sudden Labour doesn’t want to talk about it.

Ms Kaur attempted to come back at Dan, saying: “Suddenly you’re not talking about better things, now you’re talking about better things.”

Dan hit back: “Because it’s about hypocrisy and it’s about standards in public life.

Ms Kaur then shouted: “That’s hypocrisy.”

Before Dan erupted again: “No I’ll tell you what hypocrisy is Narinder, it’s Keir Starmer calling on Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to quit and then he’s caught and he should stay in the job.”