Dan Wootton dubbed ‘Politburo Dan’ by Benjamin Butterworth as guest admits fear of 'growing monkeypox pusses'

Mr Butterworth said while he wasn't "terrified" by the outbreak, he would want people with the virus to isolate as he would "rather not grow monkeypox pusses"

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Dan Wootton has been dubbed “Politburo Dan” by Benjamin Butterworth during a debate over monkeypox.

Earlier today, it was confirmed that the number of monkeypox cases in England has risen by 36, bringing the total number confirmed since May 7 to 56.

Cases have also been discovered across Europe, including in Spain, France and Portugal.

Dan Wootton and Benjamin Butterworth
Dan Wootton and Benjamin Butterworth
There is now 56 confirmed cases of monkeypox in England
There is now 56 confirmed cases of monkeypox in England

When asked on GB News' Dan Wootton Tonight whether he was scared by the virus, Mr Butterworth said: “I’m not terrified but I tell you what, in a sophisticated modern democracy people want to know about these things, it’s in the interest of public health."

Mr Butterworth then hit out at Dan for saying that hysteria over the monkeypox outbreak was going too far.

He added: “And if you look at what happened at the very start of the Covid pandemic in China, authorities and media there tried to hush up the reality of what it was.

“You sound remarkably like them, I’m going to having to start calling you Politburo Dan because you want to hide the truth of people that want public health.”

Dan quickly responded, saying: “Oh Benjamin, That was a cover-up from the Chinese Communist government of a new virus. This is a virus that has been around for donkeys.”

To which Mr Butterworth hit back: “It has, but not in this country and not in these numbers.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to be particular nervous, but I tell you what if someone had monkeypox, I would want them to do the isolation period. I don’t want to be anywhere near them, that seems sensible.

“I don’t know what problem you have that people are interested in this to take care of themselves and to keep people safe. What’s the problem with that?”

Dan explained: “I have a problem with the hysteria that is being stoked by the mainstream media and the World Health Organisation and I predicted this."

He added: “The moment there was another health scare because these people are addicted to the power and control that they had over all of us.

“Folk like you in the mainstream media should actually grow some balls and stand up to them for once.”

Mr Butterworth then responded by saying: “Well I’d rather not grow monkeypox pusses thankfully on my arm, that’s what we’re trying to avoid here.”