Criminals, thugs and gangs are now seeing the 'woke, politically correct police force as a soft touch', says Henry Bolton

The former police officer and UKIP leader said the force is now too worried about community relations

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Criminals are now seeing the police force as a soft tough due to its woke behaviour, former UKIP leader and policeman Henry Bolton believes.

The UK has been rocked by a number of shocking crimes in the last few days.

Pensioner Thomas O'Halloran was stabbed to death in what is believed to be the sixth murder in just four days in London.

And an investigation found that police have failed to solve a single theft in nearly eight of ten neighbourhoods in the UK.

Henry Bolton appeared on Dan Wootton Tonight
Henry Bolton appeared on Dan Wootton Tonight

Mr Bolton blamed cuts on the police which he believes started in 2010, online training and fast-track promotions as some of the reasons for the forces' failings.

However, his main concern was police forces now prioritising community relations.

He told Dan Wooton Tonight: "The police forces, whether it's the Met or the provincial police forces, are all out there worried about their community relations.

"This is without realising that when criminals, and thugs, and gangs see these people dancing with rainbow colours on their cheeks...

"When they see that, they think these people are a soft touch."

The Government has planned to recruit another 20,000 police officers by next year, but Mr Bolton believes this isn't enough without the infrastructure being improved.

He told us: "There might be another 20,000 police officers being recruited but the police stations are being brought back in line and the colleges aren't being brought back in place.

"We've got a woke, politically correct police force that is too worried about how it looks to the law abiding public, rather than dealing with the actual criminality on the streets."