Council blasted over bus timetables placed 7 feet off ground level as 'short people' struggle to read them

A visually impaired councillor has attacked the move by the council


Central Bedfordshire Council has come in for criticism for placing their timetables more than seven feet above ground.

Short, visually impaired and disabled people will find it difficult to read the timetables, according to Cllr Nigel Aldis.

Speaking to the Biggleswade Chronicle, Cllr Aldis, who himself is visually impaired, said he was "frustrated by some of the daft things the local bus authority is doing".

He went on: “Is Central Bedfordshire really serious about making buses easier to use?

"How are short people expected to read a timetable which is over seven feet above ground level?

"The cramped style also makes it very difficult for people with poor eyesight like me to read them.”

The Cllr, who is over six foot, told the local news outlet that he had contacted Central Beds Council over this issue, asking to have important information "plainly set out."

He also said he contacted the council to "query the size and position" of their bus shelter timetables.

He continued: "I'm well over six feet tall but the timetable was stuck in the frame way above my head.

"How could a smaller lady or gentleman with poor sight possibly read the timetable?

"The bus shelter in London Road is inches away from a lamppost but there is not a real-time information display showing when the next bus is actually expected.