Could Brexit be the reason the Premier League finds its new youth star?

It's already having a positive impact on grassroots football


Brexit is having a positive impact on the grassroots football scene across the UK.


Because of Brexit, a points-based system caps the number of foreign players allowed to play in the UK, and it also means that players from abroad cannot be signed until they are 18 – previously this was 14 years old.

To get around this potential talent shortfall, Chelsea has begun cementing relationships with grassroots teams, based close to Premier League rivals like Newcastle United.

Newcastle City Juniors is just three miles away from Newcastle United at St James’ Park.

Chelsea is looking at new ways to scout domestic talent and monitoring players who would otherwise be readily available to rival teams seems a genius tactical strategy.

The relationships Chelsea is making with these grassroots teams must remain unofficial because Premier League rules mean clubs cannot have a ‘development centre’ more than on hour away from their academy base.

But official or not, Premier League teams are monitoring our grassroots talent closer than ever before and this can only be a good thing for the future football stars.

Domestic signings are about to become more competitive than ever.

All eyes are on our youth teams.

Perhaps Brexit will be the reason the Premier League finds its next British star.