Commonwealth Games advocate says monarchy 'does not represent people of my background'

Melvin Riley told GB News' Alastair Stewart the monarchy still represents a 'colonial mindset'


A Commonwealth Games Youth Advocate has told GB News that the monarchy “does not represent people of my background.”

Celebrations have taken place over the last few days to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking Her Majesty’s 70 years of reign.

But speaking to Alastair Stewart from GB News’ Jubilee party, Melvin Riley explained why he wasn’t engaged by the weekend’s events.

Melvin Riley
Melvin Riley
Mr Riley questioned the "historical context of what the Queen represents"
Mr Riley questioned the "historical context of what the Queen represents"

Mr Riley said: “What the monarchy represents does not represent people of my background and even coming here today, how many people of colour do you see out here celebrating?

“It’s that sort of message and history that something like this isn’t for me and I can accept that.”

Colin then asked Mr Riley: “Is that because of your race or your age?

Before the Commonwealth Games advocate added: “I think it’s a mixture of both.

“I don’t think it’s the issue about engaging with young people, I feel like there are young people that the monarchy represents.

“But I think it’s that historical context of what the Queen represents.

“It’s 70 years of the throne, but what have those 70 years reflected of people of colour?”

Colin went on to say: “The soldiers and sailors and airman taking part in Trooping the Colour, there was a continuity effort to reflect the fact that many of them came from Commonwealth countries, many of them like you, were UK citizens but from different ethnic background.”

But Mr Riley stood firm on his stance: “I’m not saying that there was no effort made, I’m saying something like this doesn’t represent people like me.

“Even in today's society, what does the monarchy still mean?

“I feel like it’s still that context of that colonial mindset that we still have.”