China hits out at Pompeo for 'babbling nonsense' after he urged US to formally recognise Taiwan

Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry
Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry

The former US Secretary of State made the comments a day after receiving a presidential honour from Taiwan's President


China’s Foreign Ministry has slammed former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for “babbling nonsense” after he urged Washington to formally recognise Taiwan.

Mr Pompeo made the comments during a speech in Taipei on Friday, after meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen a day earlier, who bestowed a presidential honour on him.

He said: “The United States government should immediately take necessary and long overdue steps to do the right and obvious thing: that is to offer the Republic of China, Taiwan, America's diplomatic recognition to the self-ruled island China claims as its own territory.”

The White House ended formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan back in 1979 when it recognised the People’s Republic of China.

In response to Mr Pompeo's request directed towards US Government, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin described Pompeo as a "former politician whose credibility has long gone bankrupt".

He added: “such a person’s babbling nonsense will have no success.”

China does not recognise Taiwan as a country, with President Xi Jinping saying the said "reunification" with Taiwan "must be fulfilled" and hasn’t ruled out using force to do so.