Cheshire pub's job advertisement pleads that 'snowflakes' don't apply

"Chef wanted. Please ask inside for details. No snowflakes please!!"


A Cheshire pub is on the hunt for a new chef, but has asked that "no snowflakes" apply for the position.

The pub's advertisement for the new role was written on a blackboard outside.

It read: "Chef wanted. Please ask inside for details. No snowflakes please!!"

The landlord of The Queen Anne, Christopher Darnbrough, regrets previous "flaky" employees who "constantly" wanted holiday time.

The pub's describes itself on its Facebook page as being "a small family run free house in the north of England that prides ourselves in serving good beer and great HOMEMADE food."

The Queen Anne.
The Queen Anne.

The ad has divided those that have read it.

Some users have backed The Queen Anne whilst others have ridiculed the use of the word "snowflakes."

Stuart McNaught said: "They don't know what gender they are these days, never mind what an honest days work is. Well done for being so honest and straight forward in your advert.

The Queen Anne's job advertisement.
The Queen Anne's job advertisement.

However, Jerry Dickens said: "Still looking for staff 6 weeks later ? Might be better to start thinking about paying a living wage rather than all the online attention seeking etc.

The pub responded to Mr Dickens, saying: "Have you any idea what rates we pay our staff or what working conditions and benefits we offer? I’m guessing not as you wouldn’t have written what you have if you did."

Craig Brown quipped: "You can't discriminate against snowflakes under the Equality Act 2010."

The martial arts and motorbike loving landlord, Christopher Darnbrough, has shared the job advert more than once, and stated he is simply after someone who is 'hard working' and 'slightly eccentric'.

Noting their media exposure, The Queen Anne posted on their Facebook page: "We’ve been making the news again with our snowflake job advertisement board, make of it what you will, it was meant in good humour but we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to absolutely nobody.

"[sic] if you are offend by this you’ve kind of proved our point for us and you’re probably better off going somewhere else#queenannegolborne #queenanne #qagolborne #QA #snowflake #snowflakesbeware."