‘Canoe Man’ John Darwin 'travelling to fight in Ukraine against Russia as he has good life insurance'

The conman and subject of an ITV drama is reportedly heading to the frontline, his second wife has claimed

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John Darwin, otherwise known as ‘Canoe Man’ said he’s willing to travel to Ukraine and fight against Russian troops.

According to his wife, the 71-year-old who famously faked his death at sea in 2002 for money, is “on his way” to the country's capital.

When asked about the danger, Mercy Mae Avila Darwin, 48, said: “Yes, dangerous for the Russian when he shoots them.

“He will have a bulletproof vest and good life insurance, good for me,” she told The Mirror in a series of text messages.

John Darwin
John Darwin
Service members of pro-Russian troops
Service members of pro-Russian troops

In a bid to claim life insurance money, Darwin pretended to be dead for five years after he went missing in 2002 while canoeing off the coast Seaton Carew, near Hartlepool.

With the assistance of his first wife the former teacher hid in their home in a room behind a bookcase and eventually moved to Panama.

Their secret was exposed in 2006 after they were pictured in an estate agents and they were jailed for fraud.

Darwin broke his parole in 2013 as he wanted to go on a date with a 25-year-old Ukrainian woman he met through a foreign brides website.

The astonishing story about the audacious deception will be told in a four-part primetime ITV series called “The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe”.

It stars Eddie Marsan and Monica Dolan as the Darwins.