Cancel culture coverage 'waste of time' says actor Michael Sheen

The Frost-Nixon star says constant discussion of cancel culture can prevent 'real dangers' being discussed


Actor Michael Sheen has said that media coverage of cancel culture can stop ‘real dangers’ being brought to light.

Sheen dubbed debates around cancel culture ‘a waste of time’, and has openly attacked the media for covering it.

Speaking to The Independent on the prominence of cancel culture discussions, Sheen remarked that it stopped ‘real dangers’ from being aired.

He said: "That’s all you read about now. For every column that’s about cancel culture, there’s one fewer for real dangers and unfairnesses.

The Welsh A-lister added that the trend was 'like microwave dinner as politics.'

"The idea that being aware of social issues and aware of the injustices done to certain people, both historically and in the present, the idea that that gets labelled as woke and then is used as a pejorative, it just makes it so easy for people on the right, doesn’t it?"

This follows an announcement from Sheen that was acting as a ‘social enterprise’, attempting to become a not-for-profit actor.

Sheen's activism well known. Two years ago he sold his property to make sure the Homeless World Cup went ahead in Cardiff.

Sheen said of the move: ‘There was something quite liberating about going, alright, I’ll put large amounts of money into this or that, because I’ll be able to earn it back again.’