Buckingham Palace dubbed ‘lame, uninteresting and dull’ in reviews left by American tourists

One tourist described the palace as 'tacky', while another told people to 'save your pounds'


Buckingham Palace has been dubbed “lame, uninteresting and dull” in reviews left by American tourists.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the palace every year, to catch a glimpse of the Queen’s London residence.

While many leave happy, some American tourists, who went on the tour inside the palace, were left unimpressed by what they saw.

Some felt so disgruntled by their experience that they took to Yelp to explain what happened.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Hundreds of thousands flock to the Queen's London residency every year
Hundreds of thousands flock to the Queen's London residency every year

One person wrote: “We went on a group experience to Buckingham Palace arrived super early.

“Checking in was fast, but when going into the palace I was shocked to find that it was so short and uninteresting.

“All that the palace shows you is how the elitists lived their lives by going to parties and hoarding paintings.

“The place was all so godly which was tacky in my eyes.

“Overall the experience was lame. It's not worth spending your money on this palace, they don't even allow you to take photos of the place. Save your pounds.

“Don't spend money in their gift shop it's full of expensive coats of arms representing the palace luxuries," as quoted by MyLondon.

While another disappointed visitor wrote: “Don't risk it and go there if there is a chance of rain in the forecast. We arrived when it was not raining then it did.

“The Buckingham personnel didn't, and apparently never, announce the cancellation until 25 minutes past the start time! People were waiting in the rain with hope. Even the police/ security staff at the Palace didn't know about the cancellation.

“The cancelling wasn't a big deal but knowingly keeping people's hope up was.”

A third added: “Clearly, nothing I can say will or should dissuade you — the tourist visiting the Queen's manor, and long live her, might I add — but the truth behind it all is that Buckingham Palace is well, boring.

“Some say it's the most recognisable building in the world, but I think it's rather dull."