Brits could be eligible for payout worth hundreds of pounds today over iPhone battery tribunal

Justin Gutmann has launched a £768m claim against Apple for engaging in 'exploitative and unfair commercial practices'


Brits could be eligible for hundreds of pounds in payouts if a consumer watchdog wins a court battle against Apple today.

Campaigner Justin Gutmann, who formerly worked for Citizens Advice, has launched a £768million claim against the tech giant.

Mr Gutmann claims that Apple misled its iPhone users over an upgrade that slowed batteries down.

While the firm are also alleged to have abused its market dominance to engage in “exploitative and unfair commercial practices”.


The claim goes on to say Apple “throttled” ten different models of the phone in order to disguise overloaded batteries.

The models reportedly affected range from the IPhone 6 to the IPhone X.

Mr Gutmann says Apple “misled customers about a power-management tool that slowed devices, resulting in some users upgrading early or paying for a replacement battery”.

If successful in his claim, up to 25 million British iPhone users could be eligible for hundreds of pounds, according to The Times.

While Mr Gutmann’s lawyers estimate each person with selected models could be awarded between £30 and £60 each.

Apple said it has “never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades”.