British Transport Police row as force suggests people who question gender ideology should not work for them

The British Transport Police (BTP) is facing backlash after suggesting people should not work for the force if they question gender ideology


A picture of a Pride flag with the BTP logo on it was shared on social media this weekend.

Taking to Twitter, an officer shared an image of the symbol on display in Brighton alongside the caption: “Great to see BTP represented at Brighton Pride today.

"Loads of opportunities to join us. We want you to apply to be part of a modern, diverse and inclusive police force."

Following up, BTP sent a reply tweet on Monday reading: "We love to see it.

"Inclusion isn’t political, and we’ll always celebrate being as diverse as the communities we protect.

"If you’re offended by this, please don’t apply to work for us – thanks."

But the force is now facing backlash, given the implication that people "holding gender-critical beliefs" are being discriminated against.

The tweet sparked backlash
The tweet sparked backlash
The rainbow flag flying
The rainbow flag flying

The post was flooded with comments expressing displeasure at the sentiments.

One read: "The first part of this statement is fine.

"You are perfectly entitled to celebrate diversity in your force and in the community.

"The second part implies that you will discriminate against people on the grounds of protected belief."

It comes after GB News contributor Calvin Robinson hit out at police forces for making their cars colourful.

The vehicles have been painted in a bid to tackle online hate crimes and "give confidence" to the LGBT community.

In reply to an image of one of them on Twitter, Calvin wrote: “How is this meant to deter criminals?

“Might as well attach disco lights, the new sirens are already camp.

“What are the police going to do, get out and start twerking at ‘em?!”