British tourists branded 'alcoholics' who all act like 'lads on tour', say Spaniards

Brits travelling to Spain have a 'bad reputation' according to locals in the popular holiday destination


Spanish people have spoken out against British tourists who visit the Mediterranean country, calling Brits "disrespectful" and accusing them of "fake politeness."

A Reddit user asked Spanish people on the forum: “Which personality traits would you attribute to British people?”

A Spanish user said: “On a national level, you have a bad reputation, kind of ‘lads on tour’ image.

“In a one to one relationship you are just fine people but as a collective the culture clashes are constant.”

Another commenter weighed in on the criticism: “They won’t adapt to our culture, nor respect our rules. They expect Spain to adapt to them.”

One person said: “When they come to Spain, they are alcoholics. People from no other country pass out as much as Brits do when they come to Spain.

“They are disrespectful. They are always complaining about everything from Spain."

This comes as the Balearic government passed a new law on drinking during 2020 to deter sun-seeking Brits travelling to Spain from drinking excessively.

The government passed the law on drinking during 2020 and has also banned happy hours, pub crawls and two-for-one drink offers.

The Balearic government hopes that this will limit extreme drunken behaviour that affects residents of the Spanish islands.

Advertising party boats in certain areas is also banned and alcohol cannot be sold in shops between 9.30pm and 8am.