Britain could see hottest day ever recorded next week, Met Office forecaster predicts

A Met Office forecaster has said we could see temperatures soar up to 43C in England next week, smashing the current record


Britain could see its highest ever temperature on record next week as the mercury continues to rise.

Glorious sunshine hit Britain this weekend with revellers enjoying temperatures of up to 32C.

And the heatwave will continue into next week, with temperatures set to soar above 32C on Tuesday, potentially making it the warmest day of the year so far.

But a Met Office forecaster has predicted temperatures next weekend could rise by up to 10C, smashing all records.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates said: "We’re in for a real rollercoaster which may take people by surprise.

Revellers on Southsea Beach
Revellers on Southsea Beach
Two people relaxing on deck chairs in Hyde Park, London
Two people relaxing on deck chairs in Hyde Park, London

“Next weekend we could have some really exceptional record-breaking heat and it will ramp up suddenly — like someone has turned on the gas.

“Some models from America indicate we could see 43C in East Anglia next Sunday, which would obliterate the current UK record.

“At the moment we’ve got quite pleasant dry heat, but next weekend the dew point will rise and it will become very hot and sticky.”

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Britain was in Cambridge University's Botanic Garden where the mercury hit 38.7C.

Parents have been urged to limit children’s sun exposure and keep them hydrated in the hot weather.

A heat-health alert has also been issued for some regions, with those in affected areas advised to shade or cover windows and check on the vulnerable and the elderly.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) warning will be in force from Monday July 11 until Friday July 15, including regions in the south-east and east of England.