Britain almost doubles troop buildup on Russian border as Putin's invasion of Ukraine rumbles on


Britain is increasing its number of military personnel on the Russian border as Vladimir Putin continues his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

A convoy of army vehicles and tanks arrived in Estonia on Friday as part of a NATO mission to strengthen the eastern flank.

The 850 UK troops will join approximately 900 soldiers already in Estonia, while another 350 Royal Marines have been sent to Poland to reinforce the presence there.

NATO members such as Germany and the US have also opted to send additional troops and military equipment to the eastern flank.

Speaking to peers on Friday, Baroness Annabel Goldie said: “It goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers remain with the Ukrainian people, many of whom have family and friends in the UK, and will now find themselves under attack for no reason whatsoever.

“But at the same time we remain on guard.

“While there is no indication at present that Russia intends to directly target British or NATO forces, we should expect their forces and proxies to launch cyber-attacks and misinformation campaigns, seeking opportunities to embarrass the UK or Nato and to undermine our resolve.

“We stand ready to protect our country against any threats, whether conventional or in cyberspace.

“However, I’m afraid there’s no disguising the fact that a dark new chapter has opened in our history.”