Brit family who've lived in Australia for 10 years face deportation as visa-backing firms go out of business

A British family faces being kicked out of Australia as a visa row looks set to end their more than 10-year stay


Mark Green, a 44-year-old electrical expert, was headhunted in 2012 for his specialist solar installation skills.

He was flown to Australia with his wife Kelly, 45, and daughter Rebecca, 19, as they moved 10,000 miles from Scotland to their new home in Adelaide.

The family say they have been on a sponsored work visa since arriving.

They claim they have been undone by firms sponsoring Mr Green as an employee but going out of business before the longer term visa process could be completed.

The Green family moved to Adelaide, Australia
The Green family moved to Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide Frank Pangallo is backing the Green family
Adelaide Frank Pangallo is backing the Green family

They now face being told they must leave the country before they can apply again.

Mr Green: "We sold it all to come out here and then we started again.

"And now we're having to sell it all, to go back to Scotland, to try and apply to come back again, to restart again.

"I'm nearly 50. We can't go through this anymore. There's nothing for us back in Scotland now."

He told Daily Mail Australia: "This is where I live. This is where my heart is. It'll never change.

"Even if I go back to Scotland, here is where I will class as home."

The family have been fighting to stay in Australia for a year – and Mr Green says the Canberra government has a "responsibility" to protect them.

Their case has now been taken up by Adelaide politician Frank Pangallo.

Mr Pangallo said: "Forcing a family to leave a country they've called home for 10 years simply to return to their country of origin to re-apply to return to Oz seems pointless and ridiculous."

A spokesman for Australia immigration minister Andrew Giles said he never comments on individual cases.