Brexit isn't working says Amy Nickell: ‘The free movement of people is one of best things we could do’

Ms Nickell has labelled the decision to leave a single market as a 'terrible mistake'

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Amy Nickell has given her views on Brexit, saying “the free movement of people was the best thing we could do.”

Britain left the European Union following a referendum vote six years ago today.

A total of 51.89 percent of people voted to leave, while 48.11 percent voted to remain.

Amy Nickell
Amy Nickell
Ms Nickell on Dan Wootton Tonight
Ms Nickell on Dan Wootton Tonight

But Ms Nickell believes Brexit “isn’t working”, while also adding that the country is ruing not having a single market anymore, which the UK left in December 2020.

Speaking on the matter on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, broadcaster Ms Nickell said: “I don’t want to be labelled this big Remoaner, now it’s happened a lot of people don’t want to do things together.

“When your friends organise a holiday, I didn’t want to go to Iceland, but I went anyway and I had a nice time.

“So I’m trying to have a nice time with this but unfortunately it’s not working is it.

“Billions have been lost with the way the trade is going, we really need the single market that has been a terrible mistake.

“I really think that the free movement of people is one of the best things that we could do to make sure that all our industries were supported and staffed.

“But it turns out that most of us actually don’t want those jobs.”