Brexit 'has nothing to do with Eurostar woes' as former MEP claims 'we find ourselves at odds with France'

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib says the UK finds itself at odds with France over many issues, including the Eurotunnel


A former MEP has blasted the Eurostar service for blaming Brexit for its recent service problems.

GB News regular Ben Habib has claimed Britain is at odds with France over a number of recent issues, including the Eurotunnel.

Shocking images showed families stuck for hours underwater after a train broke down beneath the Channel, with the train carrying 100 vehicles at the time.

And the service has not stopped at Ashford or Ebbsfleet stations in Kent since the service was halted in 2020 due to the pandemic.

A statement from the service gave a number of reasons for it not stopping at the Kent stations, which could be extended past 2023.

Passengers stuck in the Channel Tunnel
Passengers stuck in the Channel Tunnel

It explained: "Our border environment has also toughened post-Brexit, and further complexity is expected with the launch of the EU’s entry/ exit system.

"While we continue to operate in an uncertain and fragile environment, we must focus on our most profitable inter-capital routes to enable us to meet our financial commitments, stabilise our operation and our customer experience, before considering any further developments."

But Mr Habib has labelled this unacceptable, and calling on the service to do more for British people.

He said: "There has not been much love lost between France and Britain since 1066.

Brexit Party MEP and GB News regular, Ben Habib
Brexit Party MEP and GB News regular, Ben Habib

“Eurotunnel was meant to help heal the division but it seems not to have worked.

“Across a whole host of issues and now the operations of the tunnel itself, we find ourselves at odds with France.”

"Fair enough Eurostar has suffered as a result of lockdowns; we all have."

Mr Habib added that the real problem with immigration was not Brexit and border checks, but Channel crossings.

He also told the Express: “But for the French operators of the train service to refuse to stop at Ashford and somehow blame Brexit with an increase in border checks is both wrong and unacceptable.

“We invested £100 million in good faith in Ashford for the benefit of the service. Brexit has nothing to do with Eurostar’s woes.”