Boris Johnson's former advisor does not fear Conservative wipeout as 'Keir Starmer is not Tony Blair'

Tim Montgomerie discussed how Boris Johnson may fear in an upcoming election contest


A former advisor does not believe the Conservatives are headed for a defeat like that seen in 1997 as Keir Starmer is not Tony Blair.

Boris Johnson has promised to cut taxes and drive down the cost of government after a wounding revolt by Tory MPs put his long-term future in doubt.

The Prime Minister thanked Cabinet colleagues for their efforts to support him during the confidence vote process, which saw more than four in 10 Tory MPs say they had lost faith in his leadership.

Tory MPs voted by 211 to 148 in support of the Prime Minister, but the scale of the opposition was greater than that seen in 2018 when Theresa May faced a confidence vote.

Tim Montgomerie
Tim Montgomerie

As a result of the vote, GB News host Nigel Farage asked Tim Montgomerie if the Tories were headed for a result like 1997 if Boris stayed as Prime Minister.

He replied: "The choice between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party led by Keir Starmer is different.

"Tony Blair was a formidable politician, Keir Starmer is not in the same league."

Nigel also asked how whether Boris Johnson would remain as Prime Minister.

Mr Montgomerie added: "For the time being, but I think he's handled today quite badly.

"If you have 40 percent of your own MPs voting against you, if that was me I would be having soul searching."

When asked how long he thought Boris would last as PM, he added that he didn't think he would be in charge by the next election.