Boris Johnson warns Putin will find new targets for attack if he is not stopped in Ukraine

The Prime Minister asserted support for Ukraine following NATO summit in Madrid

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Boris Johnson has stressed that Britain's "immediate priority" is working with allies to aid Ukraine to defeat the Russian invasion, in an address to Parliament today.

He said: “All of us understand that if [Vladimir] Putin is not stopped in Ukraine he will find new targets for his revanchist attacks; and we are not defending some abstract ideal but the first principle of a peaceful world, which is that large and powerful countries cannot be allowed to dismember their neighbours."

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood questioned the Prime Minister on whether there was "general agreement from the three summits" that our "fragile rules based order is under threat, and strategically profound era of geopolitical change?"

He continued commending Mr Johnson's efforts in Ukraine, stating his disappointment in other NATO's countries for not lending "as much as we've done".

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood
Tory MP Tobias Ellwood

Finishing his statement, Mr Ellwood concluded: "Can I encourage the Prime Minister to go further and to secure a UN general secretary resolution to create a humanitarian safe haven around the port of Odessa so those vital grain exports can not only reach Europe but also Africa and prevent famine there."

Responding to the Conservative MP for Bournemouth East, the Prime Minister thanked UN Secretary General António Guterres for his work on grain exportation.

Continuing Mr Johnson said: "The UK is doing a huge amount to support Ukraine.

The Prime Minister addressed the commons following his visit to Madrid for the NATO summit
The Prime Minister addressed the commons following his visit to Madrid for the NATO summit

"As I told the house before, we have to prepare a solution that does not depend upon Russian consent, as that may not be forthcoming."

The Prime Minister praised the recent joining of Sweden and Finland to Nato, adding it demonstrates the folly of Vladimir Putin's strategy.

He added how the value of military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine from NATO has almost hit £4billion.

Continuing he said if you follow the trajectory of UK military spending, it is set to rise to 2.5% of GDP by the end of this decade.

The Prime Minister address follows a statement from Downing Street earlier today, which confirmed Mr Johnson was aware of concerns about the conduct of Chris Pincher.

The official spokesman for the Prime Minister said the while he knew of claims which had been either been resolved or had not resulted in a formal complaint, it was not considered appropriate to block his appointment.

Mr Pincher plunged the Government into a new crisis when he dramatically quit last week over allegations he groped two men at a Conservative private members’ club.

Over the weekend, details emerged in the press of further claims about alleged sexual advances to men – including two fellow Conservative MPs – over a period of years.

Mr Pincher has denied the allegations.