Boris Johnson receives emotional standing ovation from Ukrainian Cathedral in Mayfair for his Russia speech - WATCH

The PM spoke about returning Ukraine's freedoms as Putin's forces advance


Boris Johnson said “Putin will fail” as he spoke to Ukrainians after a service at the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Mayfair, London, on Sunday night.

The Prime Minister called the invasion a “continuing disaster” but added: “I’ve got absolutely no doubt in my mind that, in the end and who knows when that will but I hope that will be as soon as possible, I think Putin will fail.

“He will not succeed in crushing Ukraine and we in the UK will do everything in our power to ensure that outcome.

“That is not just because it is right geo-strategically but because we need to stick up for freedom that that is clearly important. Very, very important.

“It’s also because what’s happening is a totally moral abomination and I think more and more people around the world can see that, and I think the middle ground of the world is moving against Putin – the people who were kind of apathetic before about this, the countries in the UN who maybe thought they didn’t need to take a view – I think they will start to move towards Ukraine.”

Mr Johnson added that he thinks there is “only one way” Russia’s invasion will end and that is with Ukraine’s independence.