Boris Johnson presented with first-edition Winston Churchill books in final Cabinet meeting

The books given to Boris Johnson are estimated to be worth around £750


Boris Johnson has received first-edition copies of Sir Winston Churchill’s books on World War 2 as a gift from Cabinet colleagues.

Estimated to be worth around £750, the books by the wartime leader were presented to the Prime Minister by his entire Cabinet on Tuesday, a Downing Street spokesman said.

“At the conclusion of Cabinet, the Prime Minister was presented with gifts to thank him for his service to the country, including first editions of Winston Churchill’s books on the Second World War,” the spokesman said.

A long-time hero of Mr Johnson, Sir Winston chronicled the build-up to and the events of World War 2 in a famous series of books, informed in part by his own experience in government during the war years.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
Mr Johnson at the Cabinet meeting earlier today
Mr Johnson at the Cabinet meeting earlier today

As Mayor of London, Mr Johnson penned a best-selling book The Churchill Factor on the former prime minister.

Mr Johnson’s opening address to his final Cabinet meeting was greeted with the traditional banging of the table by his ministers.

The Cabinet, hastily reshaped following the wave of resignations which triggered the Prime Minister’s exit, listened as Mr Johnson defended his record on tackling Covid and steering the economy through the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.

With Foreign Secretary Liz Truss – one of the contenders to replace him – sat opposite across the Cabinet table, Mr Johnson said: “It’s because of the fundamental strengths of the economy that we have been able to help people with the cost of living right now, £1,200 as you know is going to help the eight million most vulnerable households.

“We will continue to give help to households throughout this difficult time, throughout the summer, the autumn.

“We will continue to make sure we are looking at ways of abating the problems for those who need it most.”