Boris Johnson must act on Northern Ireland Protocol despite EU pressure on Brexit deal, Tory MP tells Nigel Farage

Marcus Fysh believes something can be done, despite the UK facing pressure from the EU not to revoke the Protocol


A Tory MP has told Nigel Farage he is hopeful that the Government will act on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Protocol requires checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain, something unionists say undermines Northern Ireland’s position in the UK.

The EU is reportedly preparing to suspend its trade deal if the UK revokes the Protocol following Sinn Fein's victory in the Northern Ireland local elections.

But despite that, Conservative MP for Yeovil Marcus Fysh “hopes and believes” that the Government will act.

Marcus Fysh speaking to Nigel Farage
Marcus Fysh speaking to Nigel Farage
Boris Johnson has told the European Union there is no need for “drama” over the Protocol
Boris Johnson has told the European Union there is no need for “drama” over the Protocol

Talking to Nigel on GB News, Mr Fysh said: “I very much hope it will and I believe it will.

“It’s essential that we get this green channel, it doesn’t mean the EU get no information about what’s in the green channel.

“There’s a mass of commercial data that particularly the big supermarkets and the big traders have put in place through a new system that they set up a year and a half ago.

“And that is what we can provide to the EU to really give them very great degree of what is passing into that territory.”

Boris Johnson has told the EU there is no need for “drama” as he doubled down on hints he could override elements of his post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the Good Friday Agreement is more important than the Northern Ireland Protocol, as he dismissed suggestions of any possible escalatory response from the EU as “crazy”.

He said the Protocol fails to command support from unionists in the region, adding “we need to sort it out”, despite warnings from US President Joe Biden’s White House and European leaders not to single-handedly meddle with the agreement he brokered.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is set to tell the EU that the dispute over Northern Ireland cannot drag on, after warning she will “not shy away” from taking action as she accused the EU of proposing solutions that would “take us backwards”.

As ministers consider whether to introduce legislation overriding parts of the deal, senior Cabinet member Michael Gove warned “no option is off the table”.