Boris Johnson most popular foreign leader among Americans despite resignation – poll

A total of 31 percent of people who voted named Boris Johnson as the foreign leader they would most like to see in the White House


Boris Johnson is the most popular foreign leader among Americans despite resigning as Conservative Party leader.

Mr Johnson announced his resignation as Tory leader last month amid mounting pressure following the Chris Pincher row.

But despite that, Americans still prefer him to any other foreign leader, according to a poll by the Democracy Institute.

The poll found that 31 percent of voters named Mr Johnson as the foreign leader they would most like to see in the White House.

Drag row

Mr Johnson was the clear winner in the voting, with French President Emmanuel Macron coming in second on 18 percent.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
Joe Biden
Joe Biden

While confidence in current US President Joe Biden is at an all-time low, with 58 percent of people saying that he is doing a bad job in office according to a separate poll.

It comes as there continues to be calls for a vote on whether Mr Johnson should be added to the Tory Party ballot.

When asked whether the outgoing PM could be added to the ballot on GB News’ Farage last week, leading “bring Back Boris” campaigner Alex Story said: “It’s always good to hope.

“What’s been interesting about the entire process is that if we go back over the last two decades, we know when Tony Blair resigned people cheered, when David Cameron resigned people shrugged their shoulders, when Theresa May resigned there was an intense sigh of relief from most of the population.

“But when Boris was forced to resign, 14,000 letters were sent by members of the public to Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ).

“But then I think the interesting thing is the spark that was led by Lord Peter Cruddas because by doing that he enabled people to say, hang on this thing was forced on us.”