Boris Johnson could follow Theresa May and give Carrie an honour, says Tom Harwood

The GB News political correspondent predicted the 'final acts' of Boris Johnson's premiership after his resignation earlier today


Boris Johnson may award his wife an honour, as one of his "final acts" as Prime Minister, GB News political correspondent Tom Harwood has said

Tom addressed mounting speculation on what the "final acts" of the Prime Minister may be, stating: "There’s a lot of speculation whether Boris Johnson will follow in the footsteps of Theresa May and perhaps give an honour to his wife."

He also said: "Traditionally we see resignation honours from Prime Ministers, and we will remember back to Theresa May's resignation honours, some surprises, a lot of political allies but also her husband."

Tom Harwood spoke to Nigel Farage about his predictions for the Prime Minister's resignation honours
Tom Harwood spoke to Nigel Farage about his predictions for the Prime Minister's resignation honours

Mr Johnson is the third Conservative Prime Minister to succumb to pressure from Tory infighting in the space of six years.

His resignation announcement follows a string of resignations which plagued the Government over recent days.

Senior government ministers quit their positions following the handling of allegations of misconduct against MP Chris Pincher.

Theresa May announced her resignation on May 24 2019, after enduring months of chaos and in-fighting among her own MPs and continued attempts to get her plans for Brexit through parliament.

The Prime Minister listed a series of what she deemed as her government’s achievements, including tackling the deficit, reducing unemployment rates and boosting funding for mental health care.

Boris Johnson has been Prime Minister for four weeks less than his predecessor Theresea May.

Predicting the nature of the next Prime Minister, GB News Reporter Tom said: "It is certainly the case I think without a doubt that the leader of the Tory party will be someone who is talking about a lower tax economy".

During his time as Prime Minister he has led the UK through the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw the country halt to a standstill in nationwide lockdowns imposed by his government.