Borderless Britain is becoming a woke joke, says Darren Grimes

The British people have had enough of utterly supine, spineless simpering from our political leaders when it comes to issues of national security.

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Boy, oh boy, Borderless Britain is fast becoming quite the ineffectual woke joke.

Earlier this week, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration announced that it found the Home Office's response to the English Channel ferry service to be “ineffective and inefficient”.

David Neal was scathing about the Home Office’s decision to delay his report; we needn’t be surprised, folks; given the Home Office’s role in keeping us all safe, it’s doing an utterly appalling job when it comes to the essential functions of any nation state: the defence of its borders. Getting into Britain these days is a doddle.

You can escape the baguettes, cheeses and wines of France to enjoy bed, board and benefits in a taxpayer-funded hotel here in Britain by throwing your documents overboard before their arrival. According to a Home Office Freedom of Information request that over 3 years, only 317 out of 16,500 had a passport whilst being processed in the UK.

Meanwhile, every day Brits suffer the impact of a housing crisis, healthcare crisis, school places crisis, dentist crisis, energy crisis, cost of living crisis and on and on, the list goes.

And what’s shocking to me, and believe when I say you won’t hear this on other channels, but what’s really incredible is that time, and again, we have reminders of the threat of offering sanctuary to those who potentially do not wish us well. We know that the Manchester Arena bomber’s father supported a Libyan jihadist group, banned in the UK because of its jihadi links, and yet his family were offered a home here. He went on to murder 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert. But of course, not everyone coming here to claim asylum wants to do harm - I'm just saying that the checks and balances don't seem to be working. The vast majority want to contribute to society and embrace our Great British Culture.

But it's undoubtedly alarming to read one section of the report that makes clear that 227 migrants had escaped from their taxpayer-funded hotels between September 2021 and January 2022. In one five-week period alone, 57 migrants fled; two-thirds hadn’t had their photographs or fingerprints taken. So that’s 57 people over five weeks that we know next to nothing about traipsing around the streets of Britain unencumbered and up to God knows what.

Are we meant to assume that every individual illegally entering our nation means as well? What incompetent lunacy we're living through. And I haven’t any hope that it’ll get better anytime soon.

The Times reports this morning that the British people have potentially been misled or that the Home Office is so utterly incompetent that it didn't notice. We’ve been told that to combat these crossings in what looks set to be a record year, with over 15,000 migrants crossing the channel as of July, the Rwanda policy will deter migrants from making the crossing and paying people smugglers.

Well, lefty lawyers and our membership of the European Court of Human Rights quickly put a stop to that. But even if it had worked, even if the whopping £120 million we’ve sent to Rwanda had been effective, how many people could they have taken? All 15,000? 1,000? No. The number is as low as 200.

Yolande Makolo, a Rwandan spokeswoman, despite the agreement signed in April speaking of accepting thousands of people over five years, suggested that they currently only have capacity for 200 at one facility. So it simply isn’t going to work. Other measures include a drone that was released to monitor and deter the crossings, which was recently found at sea by fishermen. The gadget, training, parts and other facilities cost £420,000, The Sun – citing figures reported by Reuters – said.

This is like Carry On Crossing The Channel. It’s filled with such farcical mismanagement that I’m half expecting to hear Sid James laugh any minute now. I would laugh myself if it weren’t all so serious. We, the British people, continue to be misled; I hope the next Government dedicates a Cabinet position solely devoted to talking about the migration crisis, given the sheer scale of the incompetence displayed by a government department that was supposed to seize the opportunities of Brexit in taking back control of our borders. The British people have had enough of utterly supine, spineless simpering from our political leaders when it comes to issues of national security.