Black Lives Matter calls for 'Black Xmas' and boycott of ‘white companies’

'Black Xmas' was started in 2014 after John Crawford, a black man was involved in a police shooting in Ohio.

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The Black Lives Matter Global Network has announced they will be boycotting "white companies" as part of their "Black Xmas".

They shared an Instagram post, with a caption reading: "We’re dreaming of a #Blackxmas. That means no spending with white companies from 11/26/2021 – 01/01/2022."

The Black Lives Matter group also shared a post to their website, saying: “As we prepare ourselves for the holiday season, we are bombarded with ads that seek to whip us up into a consumerist frenzy.

“Black Friday sales are being rolled out weeks in advance of Thanksgiving and, at every turn, white-supremacist-capitalism is telling us to spend our money on things that we don’t need, to reap profits for corporations.”

It continued: "#BlackXmas challenges us to shake off the chains of consumerism and step fully into our own collective power, to build new traditions, and run an offense as well as a defense."

"Black Xmas" was started in 2014 after John Crawford, a black man was involved in a police shooting in Ohio. Crawford was holding a BB gun that was for sale in a Walmart.

The post lists several other individuals who have been killed including Yuvette Henderson, Redel Jones, Albert Ramon Dorsey and Dennis Todd Rogers.

When asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, the former President Donald Trump told GB News in an exclusive interview: “Yeah, well, it’s shocking that it started off, you know, with pigs in a blanket, right?

“You know that, right? You know, the expression, ‘fry them like bacon’?

“And they were, that was about our police, our great police. And all of a sudden this becomes mainstream. I don’t really think so.

“And Antifa, bad, very bad. And they had Antifa in that rally, they had Antifa leading a lot of people on that day in January.

“And I will say that it’s pretty incredible that nothing happens to them, but the other side, this has been going on for many years.”