Biggest great white shark ever captured in incredible pictures

The gigantic Deep Blue weighs an enormous 2.5 tonnes and was thought to be pregnant when first discovered


A massive 20 feet great white shark thought to be the largest ever seen has been pictured alongside brave divers swimming alongside her.

The gigantic creature weighs a mighty 2.5 tonnes and has been named Deep Blue.

Deep Blue measures eight feet high and was thought to be pregnant when first discovered off the coast of Guadalupe Island in Mexico in 2014.

Surf Researcher explained that female great whites prefer to be alone and swim at high depths until they are ready to give birth.

Deep Blue
Deep Blue

Deep Blue is the largest great white ever seen according to experts and has lived for more than five decades.

She has had a long life despite the threats facing sharks which are pollution, hunting and fishing.

Marine biologist Ocean Ramsey swam beside Deep Blue and held one of her fins previously, showing the huge creature exhibiting docile behaviour after she had just been fed.

Deep Blue
Deep Blue

Discovery Channel diver Mauricio Hoyos Padilla named the enormous creature when filming a Shark Week documentary. When he posted a clip of Deep Blue in 2015 it went viral.

The impressive beast was again seen just off Mexico's west coast in July 2018 where divers Mark Mohler and Kimberly Jeffries were able to identified her.

They were able to determine her identity using to a tag she was implanted with and from her body's unique markings.