Benjamin Butterworth slammed for turning gender-neutral debate into 'screaming match' after calling guest a 'bigot'

Mr Butterworth was left raging when Belinda de Lucy said the trans spectrum has "become so vast it includes rapists and paedophiles"

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Benjamin Butterworth was slammed for turning a gender-neutral debate into a "screaming match" after he called a GB News guest a “bigot”.

The clash came during a debate on gender-neutral toilets as ministers prepare to formally announce that all new offices, schools, hospitals and entertainment venues are expected to have separate male and female lavatories.

The plans, which are being headed by equalities minister Kemi Badenoch, were reportedly approved last month.

Speaking during the debate on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, former Brexit Party MEP Belinda de Lucy said: “I don’t know any man who wants unisex toilets over single sex toilets.”

Benjamin Butterworth and Belinda de Lucy
Benjamin Butterworth and Belinda de Lucy

Host Dan stepped in and said: “I’ve found one though. I think I’ve found the only one in the country, Benjamin Butterworth, who seems to love them.”

Mr Butterworth said: “I don’t think I’ve ever said that."

Dan then asked Mr Butterworth: “Well you don’t agree with this policy from Kemi Badenoch though?”

The senior reporter at the I Newspaper replied: “It is pretty weird in the deepest economic crisis that we’ve had in decades that there’s a Government minister who is obsessing over where some people pee.”

Ms de Lucy hit back at his comments, saying: “It means little to you, you don’t know what it’s like being a girl at school or being a vulnerable woman needing a safe space to run to.”

Mr Butterworth and Ms de Lucy during a debate on Dan Wootton Tonight
Mr Butterworth and Ms de Lucy during a debate on Dan Wootton Tonight

Before Mr Butterworth added: “I’ve never ever said they should have them at schools, ever."

He continued: “So where do you think transgender women peed before?”

To which Ms De Lucy replied: “I think there were a tiny amount of transgender women before, now the trans spectrum has become so vast it includes rapists and paedophiles, every sexual deviant.”

Her comments were slammed by Mr Butterworth, who said: “How disgusting, how dare you say trans people are rapists and paedophiles."

He then called the GB News guest a "bigot".

Ms de Lucy attempted to clarify her comments to a raging Mr Butterworth: “I did not say that, I said the trans spectrum has been expanded so much and it does a huge disservice to genuine trans people."

She also said Mr Butterworth was "completely misquoting" her as he accused her of calling trans people "rapists and paedophiles".

As the clash between the pair continued, Carole Malone, who was also a part of the discussion, hit out at Mr Butterworth for turning the debate into a “screaming match”.

Ms Malone said: “What you did there was just change what should’ve been a really sensible argument, you made this into a screaming match by twisting what she said.

“She did not say that all trans people were rapists and paedophiles.”