Benjamin Butterworth reveals he's having flashbacks after being mugged in London: 'It really was horrible'

Mr Butterworth was punched and strangled by three men in balaclavas last night

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Benjamin Butterworth has revealed to Dan Wootton that he’s having flashbacks after being mugged in London.

Mr Butterworth was walking down the Southbank last night when he was approached by three men in balaclavas.

The men punched and strangled Mr Butterworth, before also threatening him with a knife.

Dan Wootton and Benjamin Butterworth
Dan Wootton and Benjamin Butterworth

Speaking out about the incident on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Butterworth said: “It really was horrible and the thing that struck me is that i’ve been having flashbacks to when they came up to when they come up to me in the balaclavas.

“I feel a bit like I’ve got tonsillitis from being strangled until I couldn’t breathe and i also feel like i’ve had Botox form being punched.

“It really was distressing and what scared me so much since was how easy it was to do.

“All they had to get is a lone person in the dark, I reported it to the police but there is actually they can do.

Mr Butterworth said the incident was "really horrible"
Mr Butterworth said the incident was "really horrible"

“I said to the police they should put an officer over there because I reckon they were just hanging around waiting for lone people to mug.”

Before Dan responded by saying: “The thing is if they know they can get away with it, and that’s what they know in lawless London at the moment.”

Dan then asked Mr Butterworth whether he thought he was targeted.

To which Mr Butterworth responded: “Not as an individual but certainly in that spot, any lone person with a phone in there hand as I was I think would’ve got attacked at that time.

“What is really frustrating, that although they wore balaclavas it was clear from their build and voice that they were teenagers.

“So I want to know why were the parents who has got three teenagers out and about on a school day, why were they not wondering where their kids are?”

In a tweet posted shortly after the incident took place where he also spoke out about the incident, Mr Butterworth said: “For what it's worth: a few minutes later a bunch of teenage boys came over and could not have been kinder.

“They checked I was OK and kept talking to me. Found my AirPods on the floor. There's always more good people then bad.”