Ben & Jerry's ice cream urged to avoid wading into 'geopolitics' by Unilever

Ben & Jerry's appears to have been told to steer clear of "geopolitics" by the ice cream brand's corporate parent


Ben & Jerry's has been accused of overstepping the mark with political interventions on several occasions.

The ice cream brand has been outspoken on issues such as same-sex marriage and the Black Lives Matter movement in the past.

But Unilever boss Alan Jope appears to have called for a change in trajectory.

In a call on Tuesday, the company CEO said: “There is plenty for Ben & Jerry’s to get their teeth into on their social justice mission without straying into geopolitics and I’m sure the brand will continue to enjoy a very bright future doing just that."

Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Ben & Jerry's ice cream
A truck carrying Ben & Jerry's ice cream in Israel
A truck carrying Ben & Jerry's ice cream in Israel

It comes after Ben & Jerry’s sued Unilever earlier this month, arguing that selling its ice cream in the West Bank would conflict with the company’s “values".

And last year, the ice cream-maker ordered a halt in sales to Jewish West Bank settlements, citing human rights concerns.

But Mr Jope was keen to stress that Ben & Jerry's is very much integral to its future plans, Bloomberg reports.

He added: “Ben & Jerry’s has been one of the best-performing brands in the company over the last 20 years.

“The long term future of Ben & Jerry’s is squarely as part of Unilever.”