Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Boy's body still in morgue 16 months after post-mortem as families battle over final resting place

A legal row has opened up between Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' biological relatives over where the boy is buried


Arthur Labinjo's tortured body remains in the morgue with no funeral plans finalised, as his stepmother and dad were sentenced today.

The six-year-old suffered an "unsurvivable" brain damage during lockdown in June last year.

'Wicked' Emma Tustin, 32, will serve a minimum of 29 years, whilst Thomas Hughes, 29, was imprisoned for 21 years.

This comes as a row has developed between Arthur's biological relatives over his final resting place.

Arthur's maternal grandmother, Madeleine Halcrow told the MailOnline that the boy's body is still in the Leicester Royal Infirmary morgue - 16-months following the post-mortem.

She claims a legal dispute has opened up over who has the right to lay Arthur to rest as her family wishes to bury him in a Birmingham churchyard.

The Hughes side of the family wishes to bury the boy elsewhere and have control over the service.

She told the MailOnline: "I hope that we can reach some sort of agreement with the Hughes family – for Arthur's sake.

"But for the time being it doesn't look that way and it's looking increasingly likely the matter of will be able to lay him to rest will go to court."