Anti-racism groups want to 'abolish US' and 'don't view it as legitimate state', Nigel Farage told by Andy Ngo

Nigel Farage was joined by American journalist and author Andy Ngo on GB News


Nigel discussed lawlessness in the US during Wednesday's Talking Pints segment on his GB News show.

Andy Ngo, an American conservative journalist, joined him in Westminster to discuss how anti-racism groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) have looked to change the political landscape.

Using Mr Ngo's hometown as a case study, Nigel began: "If we look at Portland, Oregon, today... would it be fair to say that it's descended into a level of lawlessness that wouldn't have been possible even 10 years ago?"

Mr Ngo replied: "Yes, I think Portland, Oregon, where I'm from...

"It's a microcosm of what happens when the policies that are inspired by so-called BLM and so-called anti-racism are instituted at state level."

Nigel Farage speaking to Andy Ngo in Westminster
Nigel Farage speaking to Andy Ngo in Westminster
Andy Ngo joined Nigel Farage in the studio
Andy Ngo joined Nigel Farage in the studio

He then referred to Mayor Ted Wheeler's recent decision to declare a state of emergency due to the city's historic levels of gun violence.

Mr Ngo added: "What we've seen, after George Floyd died, the city is now experiencing historic surges in violent criminality and homicides and shootings.

"The mayor of Portland just last week declared a state of emergency due to the number of people who've been shot and killed.

"It's never been this high. Portland is just one of more than a dozen cities in the United States who are also experiencing."

Nigel, incredulous, then interrupted to ask: "So it's happening all over America?"

Nodding, Mr Ngo continued: "Those who should be apologising to the public after their demands to abolish the police, defund the police and demonising the police – well they're nowhere to be found.

"In fact, many have dug into their heels.

"The reason why is the agenda is not fully realised. When you go further, it's not enough to defund the police or demolish the police.

"Ultimately if you go further and further into their goal, what they really want to do is to abolish the United States.

"They don't view the United States as a legitimate state. That's why they say it's systematically racist.

"They want to revise the history of the United States."

Agreeing with his guest, Nigel concluded: "We're getting this over here too, Andy!"