Andrew Neil challenges Rishi Sunak over the cost of the Government's net-zero carbon emissions target

Neil repeatedly asked Sunak who would be footing the bill for the replacement gas boilers with renewables.

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Andrew Neil spoke exclusively to Rishi Sunak on GB News and probed the Chancellor on the government's plan to be net-zero by 2050.

Mr Sunak said that improving technology meant the cost of going green was falling fast, however Neil pointed out to the Chancellor that currently replacing a gas boiler with renewables would cost a household £10,000. He said too that "you have to be pretty well off to buy" electric cars, which while falling in price, are still beyond the reach of many consumers.

Mr Sunak did not clarify whether the government or individual households would have to foot the bill for gas boiler replacement, but drew attention to the government grant available for purchasing electric cars.

"The truth is, Chancellor, and the Treasury knows this, they just don't want to make it public - the costs are eye-watering," Neil said. He added that former Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond had said it would cost one trillion pounds.

"This is a multi-generational project," Sunak replied, arguing that the prospect of "new technologies" will "create lots of jobs." He exemplified this with Teeside, saying "it's past was in steel-making, and as I look forward in a place like Teeside with a new post-Brexit free port, I'm seeing carbon capture storage and hydrogen. Those are the jobs of the future."