While everybody is tripping over themselves to make sure nobody is offended, the country is going to the dogs, says Patrick Christys

I'm sick and tired of political correctness, I've had enough


I’m sick and tired of political correctness. I’ve had enough. While everybody is tripping over themselves to make sure nobody is offended, the country is going to the dogs.

There’s going to be an inquiry into what’s happened in Leicester and Birmingham where, essentially, race riots kicked off unabated while a small number of police pretty much stood back and watched.

We don’t need an inquiry into that. The answer is staring us in the face. Mass, largely uncontrolled immigration has led to foreign problems becoming problems over here. When you couple that with a law enforcement body that’s terrified of causing offence, then we end up in a very dangerous situation.

My guess is that the inquiry will end up pinning the blame on police officers or some poxy taxpayer funded community initiative not doing enough to recognise the specific needs of different racial groups which meant they couldn’t intervene sooner and stop this.

That is not the solution. The solution is drilling it in to certain groups that they simply cannot behave that way in this country. We do have a British culture, we do have a British rule of law, and that must be adhered to.

It’s such a cop out to keep having inquiries into things. We had an inquiry into the Manchester Arena Bombing – no need for much of an inquiry there, our police force is not equipped to deal with the sheer level of Islamist extremism now on British streets.

Political correctness is getting in the way of policing, says Patrick Christys
Political correctness is getting in the way of policing, says Patrick Christys

Let’s have an inquiry into grooming gangs. No need for one there either – right across the UK, in my opinion, police forces have been too afraid to tackle the monumental issue of largely south Asian men raping vulnerable working class white girls on an industrial scale.

When it comes to Leicester - How many times do we have to see this kind of thing erupt?

A version of the exact same thing. A teacher in Batley Grammar School showed a photograph of the Prophet Mohammed to a group of school children. There was a mob that turned up from all over the country making threats to kill the teacher. We DO NOT have blasphemy laws in this country, the mob should have been dispersed and people involved arrested. Instead, the police shove the teacher into protective custody and he loses his job.

There is a mob patrolling the streets of London calling for Zionist Jewish blood. The police stand by.

A primary school in Birmingham wanted to teach kids not to bully gay people, all of a sudden that’s interpreted as them wanting to teach kids how to be gay and Muslim parents launch a big protest outside.

Police don’t want to stoke racial tensions…but those racial and religious tensions have already been stoked. Those protests, demonstrations or riots are racial tensions being played out on the streets of Britain. It’s the police’s job to stop them.

It’s too easy to blame fake news spread online, or ‘just a few’ extreme voices. But firstly, if you add up all the ‘just a few’ it becomes a LOT of people. And instead of blaming fake news why don’t we blame people gullible enough to take it as fact and then take an extreme reaction to it?

Political correctness is getting in the way of policing. It’s getting in the way of the vast majority in the media shining a light on the true scale of the issue we face and it stops ordinary members of the public having a discussion and a debate about what some of the negatives of mass immigration can be.

Men, women, boys and girls have fought and died for Western Liberal Values to remain in this country. The fields of Europe are red with the blood of those who did so. One of those western liberal values is tolerance. But too much tolerance will lead to capitulation. I’m concerned that we may well end up being so ‘tolerant’ of unacceptable behaviour, ‘tolerant’ of ‘cultural differences’, that we end up losing our Western Liberal values, and country, once and for all.